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Meet other Charlottes, make friends, share product tips and learn more about your unique curl pattern. 

Manage your purchases

Track your purchases, view past orders and make it much easier for yourself to re-order your products. 

Collective members can amend and cancel booking for Salon appointments and event bookings. (subject to policy)

Why join the Collective?

We offer site members the following benefits, and it's completely free!

Just click on the bell icon in the top right corner of the site (or inside the menu on mobile/ tablet) to sign up. 

Curly Conscious Collective

We are a community of curly-conscious individuals who love our textured hair and want to take care of it in the best way possible. 

We share knowledge tips and know-how in our interactive, online community and would love to have you join us, so that we can empower each other to give our kinks, curls and coils the love and care they deserve. 

You can register and login by clicking the bell in the top right hand corner of the menu and this will give you access to the Forum, as well as allowing you to follow our members. 

Curly-conscious collective (noun) – a community of people who celebrate curls, kinks and coils; connected by their commitment to learning and sharing information about curly hair care.

Charlotte Noire

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